Rally Experience. German Quality Guaranteed.
Reliable engine protection based on rally experience and extreme loads
Made in Germany
Perfectly works everywhere
Wolver provides reliable engine protection on challenging terrain
Whether you're exploring rough terrain in the Emirati deserts or embarking on a winter adventure to visit Santa Claus, you can trust Wolver motor oils to keep your engine running smoothly.
Made in Germany
Perfectly works everywhere
Improved Performance for Your Agricultural Machinery.
Reliable Protection and Long Service Life for Your Agricultural Machinery with Wolver Motor Oils and Lubricants.
Made in Germany
Perfectly works everywhere

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12 February 2024
New WOLVER® jerry can 20L
12 April 2020
Happy Easter!
31 January 2019
Alarm - fake detected!
3 October 2018
Renewal of MB-Approvals
25 December 2017
Happy New Year 2018
2 November 2014
New motoroil additives

Wolver Lab GmbH – a German company with an extensive experience in the development and manufacturing of high-quality lubricants. Oils and greases under the brand Wolver are successfully sold in Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, North Africa and South America.

Wolver Lab GmbH is dedicated to innovation and customer satisfaction, drawing on decades of experience in the lubricants industry. They have the expertise to develop cutting-edge motor oils and industrial lubricants that meet the latest OEM requirements, providing superior performance and protection for engines of all kinds.

Whether you require high-performance lubricants for your personal vehicle or need reliable partners for industrial lubricants, Wolver Lab GmbH has the experience and expertise to deliver the right solution for your needs.